So Much Gratitude!

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There’s no way we could spend a week celebrating two years of wonderful business without taking a second (or more) to thank the many, many, people who have made this all happen.  So this seems like the perfect post for our actual 2-Year Anniversary.

  • First and foremost, to the incredible couples who have trusted us with one of the most important days of their lives.  We started doing this because we understand, and love, the importance of this day, and for you to trust us with the responsibility is the only way we could continue to do it.  Plus, I’m grateful for how awesome y’all are.  Weddings don’t feel like work so much as a chance to make new friends, and we LOVE following you all after your wedding and seeing where life takes you 🙂
  • My parents and family, for being the first one to tell me they loved BDLB videos.  While I look back now and cringe at many of them (and think about the many, many ways we could make them better…), they saw the potential, and encouraged us from Day 1.  Without this support I would never have had the confidence to take the leap and do this.
  • Daniel, for the brilliantly perfect name ‘Big Dog Little Bed’.  It has helped us develop our identity, and luckily attracted a lot of dog-loving couples along the way.  My favorite kind 🙂


  • Bill, for capturing Dakota (the original Big Dog) perfectly in our very first logo.  And continuing to support Big Dog Little Bed in all his beautiful design work along the way.


  • Dave, for taking my vision for a website and turning it into a reality.  And putting up with two years of ‘How do I change this again?’, and ‘Hey… what do you think about doing this?!?’.
  • Carrie Richardson Fry (of Carrie Richardson Fry Photography) for inspiring me long before either of us had any clue that Big Dog Little Bed was in the future.  She took a hobby and turned it into an incredible business, was happy to chat and share tips over dinner, take my headshots, sell me some of her lenses, and generally lead by example.  I remain inspired by her ability to do so many things (well!), including now parenting an adorable little girl.
  • Brad Habeeb (of Brad Habeeb Photography) for always talking shop, teaching me, making life a little bit more fun, and for his desire to jump on board with Big Dog Little Bed Productions as our favorite Lead Cinematographer.


  • Katelyn Gragnani, Big Dog Little Bed’s newest editor.  It all started with an eager email, and her willingness to grow and learn through this work is an incredible addition to our growing team 🙂


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  1. Dave Warfel
    Oct 8, 2013

    You’re welcome 🙂 Keep doing big things.

    But if you forget how to do ‘that’ one more time… “you’re fired!”

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