There are incredible people, beautiful places and inspiring events happening all around us.  Our passion is using the power of film to find, capture, and share them with the world.  This includes meaningful local businesses, great love stories, and game changing social impact individuals and organizations.


Before having our film, I was always striving to express why my services are important and impactful, and afterward I not only had the film as proof, but I was able to see my business more clearly from the other side.

- Megan

Without a doubt, hands down, hiring Big Dog Little Bed was the best decision we made for the entire wedding. So many details go in one day. One. Do yourself a favor and capture it permanently.

- Kait & Jay

Our film helped tell the story of what we do; you didn’t try to sell anything, you just let our members tell the story.  Which really is the greatest kind of marketing because it’s not marketing- it’s just compelling storytelling.

- Katie

Meet Janice

Storyteller, Dog Lover, Agent of Change

Capturing memories has always been an important part of my life. My parents caught my entire childhood on video, and on holidays we still sit down to watch the cherished tapes of my twin sister and I. Now I’ve found a job around what I love the most: helping people preserve life’s most beautiful moments.