Reason #… Tour de Fat!

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Dear Durham,

There are so many reasons I love you.  Perhaps it’s time we started counting.

Thank you for being so wonderful that three years ago New Belgium decided you must be a stop on their once a year Tour de Fat.  A festival which includes (but is certainly not limited to):

  • A bike parade.  Around your city.  With costumes.
  • Celebration of a biking lifestyle.  Yes please.
  • Delicious beer.  Every kind New Belgium has to offer.
  • Beautiful weather.
  • Bicycles built for two.  And three. And those who prefer to ride backwards.  Or in circles.  Or 5 feet above the ground.
  • Dance contests.  In costume.
  • People giving up their cars for a year and trading it in for a bike.
  • Hula. Hoops.

I love you more than all the tutus, bikes and beer the Tour had to offer. But those were nice too.


Your #1 fan

Stay tuned for the 4,137 other reasons I love you…


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