Laurie & Matt, Oaks at Salem Wedding

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I met Laurie & Matt through a good friend of mine Carrie, who also happens to be a great photographer!  Carrie met them through some of her other clients, and I think we can both say how lucky we are that this string of connections led to an incredible wedding, and two new friendships.

Photo taken by the amazing Carrie Richardson Fry!

Laurie & Matt are the most genuine couple, and it was the most emotional ceremony I’ve been to.  As a 27 year-old, I’ve been to my fair share of weddings over the past couple of years.  My friends and I joke about the craziness of wedding season, and it is fun to get to experience so many different ways of doing the same thing.  However, in the recent years of Facebook and the crazy sharing that comes with social media, I’ve sadly found that a large portion of any wedding day is focused on how we look, what we’re wearing, how beautiful all the decorations are, and making sure we get the very best pictures to show it all off to everyone else.  While I certainly understand the desire to get it just right, there’s a part of me that mourns the loss of complete and total heartfelt emotion that should exist on a wedding day.  Uninterrupted by everything else that’s going on, and a focus on what really matters; committing your life to someone else and starting a future together.  A little bit cheesy?  Maybe.  Am I a complete and total sucker for a good love story?  You bet.

This was the most amazing part of Laurie & Matt’s wedding.  Everyone there could feel how much these two people care about each other, an excitement about their future, and their new family. If nothing else, I hope you can see and feel that in their video.

Congratulations Matt & Laurie!  It was such a privilege to help capture your story.

All the Details…

Location: Oaks at Salem

Photographer: Carrie Richardson Fry Photography

Hair & Makeup: Jackie Bushnell, Twisted Scizzors– Cary, NC

DJ: Joe Wells, Top Notch Entertainment

Officiant: Kayelilly Middleton– Raleigh, NC

Cake: Stick Boy Bread Company– Fuquay Varina, NC

Food: Catering by Design

Florist: Exquisite Occasions– Roanoke Rapids, NC

Wedding Coordinator: David Dickens, Exquisite Occassions

Video Music

“All About Your Heart”

Mindy Gledhill “Under My Skin”

Peter Bradley Adams “How Will He Find Me”, Deb Talan


  1. Laurie Harris Bliga
    Jan 25, 2012

    We are so lucky to have had you there!

  2. Regina
    Apr 5, 2012

    This is cool!

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