Josh + Mo: A Durham Wedding

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Josh & Mo 4

Dear Josh & Mo,

There’s nothing greater than getting to capture the wedding of two people you knew before their engagement, during their engagement, and now after their wedding.  And the fact that you chose the Bull City as the place to celebrate?  Reason #103 I love you both.

My favorite parts?

  • Josh’s face when he first saw Mo walking down the aisle!  Have I mentioned this before?  Or made a completely separate video for it?  Because seriously I could not contain myself while watching this in the studio.  Those are the couple of seconds guests often miss, as everyone is turned around to look at the bride.  But boy do they say a lot.  So glad we captured it 🙂
  • Mo’s adorable smile throughout the night.
  • The dancing!  Excited for Highlight #2 featuring all the brilliant moves.
  • The Durham-centric nature of the wedding.  For a couple who lives in Carrboro, it seems like there might be some Durham in their future… 🙂
  • The Father-of-the-Bride toast.  You’ll see pieces of it here, but it was pretty memorable in its entirety.

Love you both more than the fact that you sealed the deal with a high-five and a handshake (though that was pretty awesome too…),

Janice (and the whole BDLB team!)

Venue: The Cookery, Durham NC


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