Happy Teacher Appreciation!

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It’s Friday, and the end of Teacher Appreciation Week.  I’m lucky enough to work full time at an amazing charter school in Durham, NC.  In Durham, like many other cities in the United States, there is a very real achievement gap.  The end-of-grade passage rates, graduation rates, and percentage of students moving on to a four-year college are drastically and sadly different for students depending on where they grow up.  Some communities in this area are considered to be the most educated in the country, and right down the street there are students dropping out of school.  This has nothing to do with the students or their abilities, and it has everything to do with our expectations for their success, and our commitment to pushing each and every one of them towards the futures they deserve.

At my school, there are dozens of incredibly hard working teachers and scholars all working hard on a daily basis to change this.  The work never ends, it never gets easier, and we are constantly facing new challenges.  But, it is also the most rewarding work ever, and all it takes is one smile, one small victory, or one hug to remind us all why we continue to do what we do.

And the best part is, we are not alone.  Teachers all over the country are fighting the same fight, and it is only a matter of time before things WILL change.  So to all the teachers out there, keep up the good fight.  You are truly changing the world, and more importantly you are changing their worlds.

Make sure you hug a teacher today 🙂

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