Christine & Laz: A Duke Chapel Wedding

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Dear Christine & Laz,

You know when you’re recommended by one of your favorite couples it’s bound to be a good thing.  I was certain of it after we had coffee at Beyu last year and you two were so open in sharing your entire story with me.

The day we officially booked your wedding went into my calendar as ‘Christine & Laz!!!’.  I didn’t even realize I had added three exclamation points until a couple months later.  Shows you how excited I was 🙂  I’m so glad to finally share this video with the world.

Our favorite parts?

  •  Your incredible vows that narrate the video.  Written in the form of letters to one another.  Beautiful.
  • Duke Chapel.  We’ve been dying to shoot a wedding here, and you gave us our first chance (and we’re excited to shoot one more in September!)  It was every bit as wonderful as we hoped it might be.
  • The reception!  First time we’ve ever shot on a roof in the middle of our favorite city.  Win and win.
  • YOUR. DRESS.  I can’t resist a great big dramatic dress.  So fun to shoot, and you rocked it.

We hope y’all enjoy this video as much as we do 🙂

Love you both more than the giant bowl of tofu they made me at The Pit and Christine’s laugh (combined),

The whole BDLB team

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