A Trip Down Memory Lane (Part 1)… BDLB Couples

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We’ve worked with so many incredible couples over the past two years.  In fact, the best compliment BDLB has ever received was just the other day when our Lead Shooter said “You have a knack for attracting the best couples as clients”.  


So let’s take a quick trip down memory lane to think back on one of our favorite memories from each wedding…  And I’m channeling my inner bravery here and linking each one to their video.  Yup, I’m putting it all out there.  So rather than laughing at videos from Day 1, let’s focus on the growth from then –> now…  🙂

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BDLB Couples

Lauren & CraigThe first of two weddings I filmed while also a bridesmaid… so glad we made it work, however, as this meant we could capture the beautiful Duke Gardens wedding, and the bride’s great dance moves 😉

Jessica & AndyThe Bride’s dress(es).  It wasn’t just that they were both gorgeous, but boy did she work them.  WITH COWBOY BOOTS.  That and the incredible country line dancing at the reception 🙂

Laurie & MattNever would I have predicted enjoying an outdoor wedding, in January, as much as this one.  The Bride’s wedding Toms were some of my favorite shoes I’ve seen 🙂

Laurie & Matt

Cheryl & AndyHow do you sum up your twin sister’s wedding (which just happened to be at an all-inclusive resort) in Mexico in just one memory?  Oh wait. It’s easy.  Everyone jumping into the pool at the end of the reception.  Many wearing full formal wear.  Now THAT’S a reception to remember.

Cheryl & Andy Reception

Jessica & ScottBooked just days before the wedding, this Bride is one of the most gracious, fun, and easy to work with people I’ve ever met.  Their wedding coozie traveled all over the country with me that summer, and I sadly mourned its loss at Floyd Fest last year.  I still remember, however, the incredible dance moves at the reception that resulted in Big Dog Little Bed’s very first Reception Highlight.

Jessica & Scott


Katie & BenWatching one of my closest friends tie the knot, along with many of our other close friends, would have been enough to make this wedding memorable.  But add in a bride performing on silks, the toast champagne being poured from the ceiling, and the bride and friends eating fire… well, this one wasn’t a wedding that anyone will soon forget.

Katie & Ben 2

Steph & AndrewAny wedding that gives me an excuse for an epic road trip immediately goes down in the books as a winner.  This one happened to be located in Manahawkin, NJ RIGHT on the water.  My favorite part has to be the incredible location for the ceremony- out on a pier, lit by candles in a gorgeous fireplace, all missing a typhoon by hours.  A video worth watching again.

Steph & Andrew (setting)

Steph & Andrew

Erica & SkipThis one holds two records: smallest wedding I’ve filmed (16 guests), and the most incredible food.  The intimate ceremony followed by a 5-course meal, each course paired with the perfect wine or beer.  AND they made me a vegan version that looked just as incredible (if not more) than the non-vegan version.  But the food wasn’t my favorite part.  The amount of laughter captured at this wedding was my favorite 🙂

Erica & Skip

Britt & TylerFirst wedding at Bay 7 on the American Tobacco Campus, and the whole thing took place within minutes of my house.  One of my favorite memories, however, happened during a quick step outside during the reception to take some nighttime photos with the photographers.  Britt, in the most adorable voice, kept insisting “But I just wanna dance!”.  And dance they did 🙂

Britt & Tyler

Renee & JamesFirst live band at a reception at this wedding.  AND they played country/rock music and were so good.  Took a lot of self-control to not dance along, especially considering how fun the bridal party was.  This was Brad’s first wedding with BDLB, and the first keg stand by a groom.  (SO wish I had a picture of that one…)  My favorite part?  The incredible amounts of personality EVERYWHERE.

Renee & James

Shelby & BrianLongest we’ve ever traveled for a wedding, this time we got to explore the big, bad city of Memphis.  Hit up Beale Street, Graceland, and got to capture our first Hora.  First, and current favorite!  Watching Shelby & Brian tear it up on the dance floor was my favorite part, however 🙂

Shelby & Brian

Andrea & Will: First wedding at the Carolina Inn, and the first ‘pants on fire’ incident.  Luckily all members of the BDLB team left in one piece, but it sure was a close call.  Favorite part of this day was getting to know Andrea and her bridesmaids while they were all getting ready.  What a fun group of girls!  No stress, but lots of laughter and excitement.

Andrea & Will

Sydney & ScottThis couple’s wedding ceremony was one-of-a-kind the whole way through.  Involving all their family and closest friends, and their very own Mission Statement for their marriage.  My favorite part was how involved the Bride & Groom were in running and participating in the ceremony.  While booked literally the day before, I enjoyed getting to know the couple after the wedding just as much as the actual wedding!

Sydney & Scott

Ruthie & LukeWow.  This wedding is hard to capture in words, let alone one memory.  The genuine love, both between Ruthie & Luke and between their families, made it one of the most powerful and emotional weddings I’ve been a part of.  The presence of powerful prayer throughout grounded it in their faith, as you can see throughout their video.  Also, the largest bridal party we’ve ever captured!  17 bridesmaids and 17 groomsmen.

Ruthie & Luke

Ruthie & Luke 2

Radhika & IanFirst wedding ever rained out mid-ceremony, we got two chances to capture the bride walking down the aisle!  And how did the bride and groom take it, you ask?  Well, they used their rain delay for a private dance just the two of them before heading back out for Round 2.  #madeforeachother

Radhika & Ian

Lori & JaredEditing this bad boy left me an emotional wreck for about a week.  Just the other day when finishing up their DVD I started to tear up after 15 seconds of her dad’s toast.  From an incredible message throughout the ceremony, well-written and meaningful vows, and one great toast after another, you see all of this laced throughout the video.  That and a pretty fun crowd to capture on the dance floor…

Lori & Jared

Kacey & KevinOh Blacksburg.  I love you for so many reasons, and am so thankful this season involved our first wedding captured there!  Kacey & Kevin had the perfect backdrop for both their wedding and reception, and I have to say this might be my favorite venue of this year…

Lindsey & Ken: Lindsey’s facial expressions.  Hands down my favorite memory of this wedding, and I CAN. NOT. WAIT. for everyone to see them in the video.  This girl was fun to work with from our very first phone call, and I crack up every time I’m working with their footage 🙂  Here’s a sneak peek…

Lindsey's Face

Laura & John: Genuine.  If I had to pick one word to describe these two, both independently and together, it would be genuine.  You can see it in the way they interact with one another, with their family and friends, and you heard about it in every toast given.  My favorite part was while we were taking pictures (and video) of the couple before the reception… when given the option of taking some solo bridal shots Laura quickly and honestly replied “I just want to be with him.  That’s the only thing that matters.”  What every bride should feel on their wedding day 🙂

Laura & John 3

Laura & Logan: I’m pretty sure Logan could have been Brad’s brother, and Laura could have been one of my best friends in a past life.  Easy going, fun, sweet, and totally comfortable in front of the camera.  Possibly winning the award for most fun couple to capture?  Excited to start editing this bad boy…

Laura & Logan 3

And while we sure do love our couples, we also love all the incredible local businesses, churches and organizations we’ve gotten to work with over the past two years.  So stay tuned for Part 2 where we celebrate them!

Thanks y’all for a great two years 🙂

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