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When our school’s Music Director came to me with a vision for a video that would show at this year’s Black History Celebration, I was at first hesitant.  I watched the original Will.I.Am version and was intimidated by what it would take to create our own MJCS version.

But then I thought about how powerful the final product could be for our scholars, their families, our community, and really everybody.  To see the faces of the very people that Obama was speaking about, speaking to, and aiming to inspire sharing the same message.  Wow.

After hours upon hours of editing, I still get goosebumps when I watch Caleb sing the words “There is nothing false about hope”, and when I see the innocence in Jabari’s face as he says “Yes I Can”.  And all of them collectively, put together, just reminds me how important this work is, and how important  it is to keep them in mind when we make decisions about what the future of this country looks like.


Now the next step is the day when we can make a ‘Yes We Will’ video showing how we’re living that message day-to-day, and the day when we can make a ‘Yes We Did’ video, showing off the results of what happens when people consistently make the hard choices that lead to real change.

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