The Pride of 2012

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I make no secret about the fact that I work in the world of education, and LOVE. IT.  I also make no secret of my obsession with the Pride of 2012, a group of incredibly hardworking students in Gaston, NC who I was lucky enough to spend 3 years with.  Well, this past weekend they graduated from High School.  We have been thinking and talking about June 9, 2012 for a long time now, and it’s finally happened.  If you want a little glimpse into what makes them so awesome, check out this dedication video I got to create for the ceremony.

Not only was I there on Saturday, but you better believe I had my camera capturing it all on film.  Which means I am lucky enough to share this AMAZING commencement speech given by ‘Mama Barnes’, their 10th grade English teacher.  I’ve seen a lot of commencement speeches.  I’ve even seen a couple good ones.  But none have left me feeling as inspired and moved as this one.  Yeah, yeah, it sounds like I’m exaggerating (which I’m known to d0). But seriously guys.  I mean it this time.  Give it a watch 🙂

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  1. Kim
    Jun 14, 2012

    Great commencement speech with three great messages. Hope those students listened! Thanks for sharing.

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