The Power of a Great Toast

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When I get calls from couples inquiring about wedding videography, it is rare that the idea of capturing the toasts ever comes up in conversation.  I speculate there are a variety of reasons for this- the couple themselves is never sure how good the toasts will be until the day of, many don’t realize that capturing them on their wedding DVD is an option, others just have more important priorities when it comes to their video of the big day.  All of these totally make sense to me.

But then I sit down to edit a wedding, looking just for snippets to pull out for a highlight film, and I realize how powerful it is for the couple to be able to see these again- in their entirety.  Weddings are this rare event that I often picture as a life reunion.  It’s the one time in our lives we have the excuse to bring together everyone important to us, along with everyone that is important to the person most important to us.  Not only that, but once we have them all in one place, we get to ask those that know us the best, or have known us the longest, to give a speech talking about us, our history, and our relationship.

Whoah.  That’s powerful stuff.  When else in our lives does that happen?  Minus earning a lifetime achievement award at the Oscar’s, I struggle to come up with another example…

I can write all I want about how valuable it can be to have these to watch for years to come, but the best way to make my point is just to show you.  It is with much excitement I present the second surprise of the week- one of my favorite toasts I’ve ever had the privilege of capturing.

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