Stephanie & Andrew- Manahawkin, NJ

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Traveling up to New Jersey from North Carolina for one day, on a weekend, at the start of the school year would not ordinarily sound like a great idea.  But when it’s Stephanie Segall who’s getting married, you don’t ask questions.  I got to work with this amazing woman three years ago (was it really that long ago?!?) when we spent the summer in Los Angeles, and I loved her immediately.  Her friendly personality, her intelligence, and her sense of humor all make her one of the most lovable people I have had the pleasure of working with (and I guarantee anyone else who’s worked with her would say the same).  When she contacted me to be a part of her wedding, it didn’t matter how far I had to travel.  I was doing it.

And boy am I glad I did!  Wait until you see the setting of this one… anyone who has ever said a bad thing about New Jersey has obviously never been there.  I was blown away immediately, and spent the whole morning before the wedding shooting the surrounding area (and when I say blown away, it was almost literal when I climbed up to the top of a bridge!).

But beyond the beautiful setting, and how much I love Steph, nothing makes me happier than when great people find other great people to spend their lives with.  Boy did I enjoy watching the two of them, and how genuine their care and affection for each other was.

I hope you enjoy!

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