Oxford Prep Charter High School

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Nothing makes me happier than combining my passions for storytelling and education.  Add in a little bit of rural Eastern North Carolina and now we’re talking.

Oxford Prep Charter High School opened this fall with its founding class of students, who will head off to college in 2017.  The goal and vision are simple: prepare every one of their students to get accepted to the college of their choice.  Beyond that, they also want to make sure they have the skills necessary to be successful and graduate from that college.

This is a mission I can get behind!  Over the next three years they will build a brand new building on their property, add three more classes, and continue to grow their already rigorous college prep curriculum.  You can find more information about the school, the work they’re doing in Oxford, and how to apply (both teachers and students!) on their website.

Now, on to the video!

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