Liz + Sar: A Fearrington Wedding

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Dear Liz & Sar,

The Fearrington has long been one of our favorite places to shoot weddings, and yours took it to the next level.  Because it wasn’t just about the beautiful scenery, the gorgeous decorating, or the incredible food (OH. MAN. does the Fearrington make some good food)- it was about the two of you, your families, and all the people you had surrounding you.

Brad and I couldn’t stop talking throughout the day about all the great footage we were getting, and couldn’t resist looking at some of it as soon as we left.  I’m pretty sure you can now see why…

Our favorite parts?

  • The ketubah signing.  It wasn’t just that the ketubah itself was beautiful (it was), but the words spoken there and the happiness expressed there were pretty special.
  • Your vows.  I love when couples write their own vows.  We’ve seen a lot of that so far this season, and yours were some of our favorites.
  • Your first dance!  We leaked this video about a month ago, but we’re still loving it 🙂

Love you both more than your dance moves spotted during the reception and the fact that you included Canadian fudge as a dessert option,

Janice (and the whole BDLB team!)

Liz & Sar 16

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