Laura & Logan: 10.4.13

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Laura & Logan

Dear Laura & Logan,

I do believe I may never have loved a video more.  (I know, it seems like we say that every time a video comes out, but I really do believe it every time!)

My favorite parts?

  • Your first dance!  It involves smiles, tears, bouncing, laughing and lots and lots of love.  I love the full range of emotions expressed in less than 5 minutes.
  • When Laura is putting on the necklace Logan gave her before the wedding.  It went from joyful to tearful in 15 seconds.  But they were beautiful tears.
  • Your entrance to the Fearrington. LOVE. IT.
  • Laura leading the conga line.  Her smile and mischievous look cracked me up as I was editing.

But I suppose what everyone really wants is less of my reminiscing and more of your video… so here it is!

Love you two more than the hours upon hours of smiling you gave me when you allowed me to capture your wedding,

Janice (and the whole BDLB team!)

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