Kathryn & Joey: 10.12.13

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Kathryn & Joey

Dear Kathryn & Joey,

Have I mentioned yet how much I love that the first time we chatted on the phone you told me about your pups?  And that I love even more that you wanted (and encouraged!) them to be included in your film?

Meeting the both of you over coffee was both Brad & I’s favorite wedding consult we’ve had this year.  Brad and Joey got to talk long-distance running and endurance sports, while you and I got to share pictures of pups and talk about the wedding.  Let’s do it again?

But now on to the video… My favorite parts?

  • That shot from behind as you walk down the aisle and you can see your gorgeous dress, the incredible chapel (which happened to be Joey’s high school alma mater!) and Joey’s face as he watched you.
  • That aisle!  Holy moly that was dramatic, beautiful, and oh so unique.
  • When you both ‘saw’ each other before the wedding!  While you didn’t actually get to see each other’s faces, we did.  And I’m so happy to now share that moment with you!!!

Love you both more than the two cute pups you added to this film (although they’re pretty cute too…),

Janice (and the whole BDLB team!)

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  1. Linda Cannon
    Dec 5, 2013

    Kathryn and Joey …….that was fabulous! Thanks for sharing and thanks for sharing the day with me. Linda

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