I Am Beautiful

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I must admit, I like to share things with others.  When I’m excited, I want everyone around me to be excited too.  I’ve been told this is a good quality in some settings, however it also makes me SUPER impatient when I have something that I really want to share and can’t.

This is a perfect example.

About a month ago I was contacted by Jill Samter of Jill Samter Photography, who got Big Dog Little Bed’s name from a good friend of mine.  She was in the midst of launching the ‘I Am Beautiful’ Project as part of her photography business, and was looking for someone to shoot and create a short promo video.

The goal?  To help women embrace their true beauty, and undo a lot of the damage caused by magazines, television, and society in general.  While I believe deeply that our real beauty comes from the inside, and the confidence you get from embracing your many qualities that make you, YOU, I also believe there’s something to be said for feeling beautiful on the outside too.  And Jill is amazing with a camera, and truly has a gift for capturing that beauty.  Check out some of the photos she took of my mom & I…



On top of the amazing final products of the project, the process was just as enjoyable.  Getting to spend the day with six amazing women was the biggest gift of all.  The only one I had met before the day of the shoot was my mom, and we both commented on the way home about the amazing energy that filled the house and studio that day!  Amidst all the craziness of the real world and our every day jobs, we sometimes don’t prioritize bonding with and spending quality time with other incredible women.  This day was a great reminder how much that can do for you.

I hope you enjoy this short promo film as much as I enjoyed making it.  Many thanks to Jill Samter Photography for creating this project and asking me to help share the story, and Alison Harper & Co. who did all the hair and makeup.

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