Holly + Magnus: A Duke Gardens Wedding

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Dear Holly & Magnus,

We’ve filmed weddings at Duke Gardens before, but never both the ceremony and the reception.  But boy did you two do it right.  From the beautiful pictures in the gardens, to a ceremony next to a fish pond, to a gorgeous reception right behind it.  All of that followed by one of the most entertaining dance parties we’ve ever been a part of.  (And I say a part of because it was hard to resist not jumping on the dance floor for at least a second… I blame Brad.)

Your families and friends were so wonderfully vibrant, full of life, and awesome to capture.  I’ve never ended a day with so many pictures of children.  Beautifully hilarious pictures of children.  Our favorite parts?

  • Amelie.  Not only did she love being in front of the camera, but she even teamed up with Brad during the toasts to help shoot.  She asked lots of questions, was eager to learn, and I think she might have a future in video production…

Holly & Magnus 4

  • The different pictures you had decorating every table.  Some were funny, some were adorable, and they all shared more of the relationship that led up to the wedding.  Loved them 🙂
  • Those cakes!  We’ve never seen a display like that before, and it was beautifully unique.
  • The band.  We love a good live band, but these guys were great.  Even better that they invited some guests to come up and sing with them!

With so much appreciation for inviting us to be part of such a wonderful celebration,

Janice (and the whole BDLB team!)

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