Holiday Gratitude

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I love the holiday season for many reasons, but probably my favorite is the perspective shift everyone seems to take this time of year.  Focusing more on what we’re grateful for, and how to help others, is one of the many ways this plays out.

This year I’m most grateful for…

  • Family and friends who are supportive of every crazy idea I come up with.  Including buying a 112 year-old house and renovating it from the ground up.
  • Two pups that are happy to see me no matter how often my lap is filled with a laptop instead of a puggle.
  • 1st graders who apologize to ants when they accidentally step on their home.
  • Having not only one, but TWO jobs that I’m passionate about.
  • A city that is full of diverse people, activities and food 🙂
  • Saturdays with Snooky.  In the middle of an exhausting week, the thought of an early morning breakfast with too much coffee, followed by vegan cupcakes and the Farmer’s Market is my light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Road trips.  To anywhere really.
  • Being only 2 hours from the mountains, a good hike, and an incredible view at the top.

And since a picture is worth a thousand words, let’s add a video to all this gratitude 🙂

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