Erin & Jay: A NC Mountain Wedding

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Jay & Erin 10

Dear Erin & Jay,

Destination weddings are awesome.  Destination weddings that involve the beautiful mountains of North Carolina are the most awesome.  Thanks for giving us all an excuse to pack up and head out of town for the weekend.  (Especially to the most vegan-friendly town in the state.  Heck. Yes.)

My favorite parts of your beautiful wedding escape, you ask?  Let me see if I can name them all in a brief list…

  • Getting to know your amazing families and friends at the rehearsal dinner/ book store after party.
  • The beautiful, open, outdoor setting.  Surrounded by mountains, trees all kinds of colors, and the beautiful isolated silence that came with it all.
  • The long, dramatic walk down the aisle.
  • The officiant!  Loved the unexpected, non-traditional additions to the ceremony.
  • Your FIRST DANCE!  Also unexpected, and also very wonderful.
  • The amazing fire going from start to finish.  Extra warmth, something for the guys to play with, and s’more cooking later in the night.
  • But my all-time favorite moment had to be the inclusion of ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’.  Thank you Jay for your patience with me, my love of this song, and my insistence on singing along (loudly) as it played.  You are wonderful.

Love you both more than the vegan cupcakes you were kind enough to include at your reception (although those were delicious too…),

Janice (and the whole BDLB team!)


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