Dixie Rock, 2012

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When I first moved to Durham, NC from the small rural town of Gaston, it was because of the climbing.  For over a year I drove four hours round trip each weekend to get in a three hour climb at the Chapel Hill Community Center.  While at first it was about the climbing, it soon also became about the people.  I’ve never met a group of more incredible people, and anyone who climbs at the CHCC wall will say the same thing.

This gym also happens to be the host of the oldest indoor climbing competition on the East Coast, which was held this past Saturday.  As a lover of climbing, the CHCC, and all the people that are part of it, I wanted to share a piece of Dixie Rock 23 with all of you 🙂  I hope you enjoy a sneak peak at a not-to-be-missed event.

I’ll see you there next year!

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