Dana + Ethan: 11.2.13

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Dana & Ethan

Dear Dana & Ethan,

It’s rare that I meet with a couple for the first time at their family’s house.  Or their wedding venue, for that matter.  But I got to do both with you two, and I was sold IMMEDIATELY.  Not only is your land gorgeous, but you painted me such a beautiful picture as to your vision of what it could all look like.  And the wedding day certainly did not disappoint!  Beautiful sunny afternoon, a dramatic sunset, trees blowing and leaves falling.  You couldn’t ask for more.

And while that was certainly fun to shoot, it wasn’t my favorite part of the day… these were:

  • The personal touch your family minister put on the ceremony, and the wedding message for the two of you, was incredible.  I knew it when I was filming, and I was so happy to get to incorporate so much of it in your video.
  • Your first dance!  I’ve heard stories of choreographed first dances, but combine that with an awesome mash-up, and the surprised faces on all your guests… A. MAZING.
  • Your families, and the community they’ve built around them.  My favorite weddings this season have all been due to the incredible people involved.  It’s hard to spend a wedding day with an entire family and NOT feel closer to them, and the openness and welcoming nature of yours made this hands-down one of my favorite celebrations.

I hope everyone takes a minute to check it out for themselves…

Love you both more than your crazy dance moves and your guts to both Dougie and do the snake in your wedding attire (but I really did love that too…),

Janice (and the whole BDLB team!)

And in case you want to see their First Dance in full, here ya go!

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