CarolinaCAN: Prove What’s Possible

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Running two businesses that challenge me in completely different ways is often what makes my days and weeks so exciting.

One requires more creativity, allows me to indulge in my hopeless-romantic side, and introduces me to incredible couples and their families.  The other (which you can see over at Mission 100%) requires more disciplined, critical thought, allows me to indulge in my idealistic side that wants to work to close the achievement gap, and allows me to work with passionate, world-changing students, teachers and school leaders.

When those two worlds collide, I suddenly find myself wondering how I got so lucky.  And that happened in the most serious way this August when I first got an email from Julie Kowal, the Executive Director of CarolinaCAN.  CarolinaCAN is the North Carolina branch of the nationwide education policy advocacy organization 50CAN, and they are both (along with the other state branches) working relentlessly to reform our education system so it’s best serving ALL students nationwide.

This particular video campaign, Prove What’s Possible, is focused on the growth of charter schools in North Carolina following the removal of the charter cap two years ago.  With the possibility of so many charter schools opening in North Carolina in upcoming years, CarolinaCAN is working to spotlight the current charter schools that are best serving ALL kids, dispelling the myth that charters are meant to serve, and serving, only certain students.  Just so happens that three of the four schools chosen are also Mission 100% Partner Schools… #DREAMJOB

So after a whirlwind week of traveling the  state together, filming classrooms, interviewing leaders, teachers, students and parents, it was time to get down to work creating a collection of videos telling their stories.  Similar stories, but unique in their communities and their approach.  I am SO excited to finally see this project launching!  Below you’ll find the videos we’ve created, but I highly encourage you to head to the CarolinaCAN’s Prove What’s Possible page to see the full scope of the project and its impact.

Julie, CarolinaCAN, and the entire 50CAN team- I cannot thank you enough for this opportunity, the friendships built on the road, the many things you all have taught me along the way, and for the feedback and teamwork that made these videos something I’m truly proud of.  Y’all rock.



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