BDLB By The Numbers…

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In continued celebration of Big Dog Little Bed’s 2-Year Anniversary, today we’re taking a look at the past two years summed up in numbers.  Check it out…


# of Weddings (so far!): 20!  Four more yet this season, and a couple as a guest (and bridesmaid!).  While I love capturing weddings, it’s always fun to attend as well 🙂

Ceremony Venues Filmed At: 18.  Excited to have been at Duke Gardens and The Fearrington on more than one occasion!

Reception Venues Filmed At: 17.  The Prestonwood Country Club and The Fearrington are two of our repeats on the reception front, and boy are we glad they are.  Both are BEA.U.TIFUL.  But overall we’re pretty excited to have seen so many different places!

Photography Teams Worked With: 17.  We’ve been lucky enough to shoot with Carrie Richardson FryKrystal Kast and Robyn Van Dyke Photography on more than one wedding!  Love familiar faces behind the camera 🙂

# of Grooms Named Andrew: 3.  By far the most common name among our couples.  Although the variations on Laura are getting up there (Laura, Lauren, Laurie…)!

States Traveled To: 5.  North Carolina (of course), Virginia (right outside of DC), Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Tennessee!  (I must add, that the Memphis wedding allowed me to finally live out my dream of seeing Graceland in person.  #knockingoffthebucketlist)

Countries Traveled To: 1.  Mexico!  But if anyone has a destination wedding they want filmed, we’re definitely pumped to up this number next season…

Largest Bridal Party: 17 bridesmaids!  AND 17 groomsmen!  Made for a lot of fun, and some pretty dramatic video.


Reasons We Love Durham: 5,102.  And always growing.  You can see four of the reasons HERE

Videos Containing Dogs: 14.  Not enough if you ask me…


Stories We Hope to Tell in the Future: Infinite and beyond!



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