Bull City Vineyard: Durham NC

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Hands down one of my favorite things about doing this work is the amazing people I’ve met along the way.  Each project introduces me to new photographers (many of whom I am now lucky to call friends), new places, and most importantly new people.

When I began doing videos with Project 2031, we started by interviewing Maggie Mraz over at Bull City Vineyard.  Her story about how she began leading a church community in downtown Durham was engaging, fascinating, and most importantly inspiring.  So when she emailed me a couple of weeks later about possibly doing a video to spread the word about her church, I was all in.  And after several more visits, the pressure was on to somehow capture the incredible essence of this place and these people within a 3-5 minute video.

While a daunting task, I am so excited to finally get to share it.  If you live in the area, spend a Sunday with them.  You won’t regret it.

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  1. Glen Johnson
    Apr 11, 2015

    Hi Maggie,
    I don’t know if you remember me. I used to play the guitar with Don in the band. I played left handed upside down. I know you’re wondering what happened to me. I went back to Siler City and went through some struggles but ironed them out. I joined a church and got into the choir. I have been drug and alcohol free for 10 months. My mom passed away December 9th. That same night when she passed I found a penny under the fitted sheet of my bed. The date of the penny was 1968, the year my mother gave birth to me. I’ve never felt so spiritual in my entire life. I met a wonderful woman in church. She is an AIG Coordinator and she loves me to death and I love her too. Maybe we can come up there sometime and I can give you the twenty dollars you let me borrow to get home. Lol

    You all have been on my mind for sometime. I saw your church video online and it touched me. I will give you a call sometime.
    The number is on the web site.

    God Bless You and look forward to talking to you again.
    Glen Johnson

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