Women’s Voices Chorus: Chapel Hill Videographer

I am so excited to finally be sharing this project :)

It first began last winter, when I met the Director of the incredible Women’s Voices Chorus in Chapel Hill.  They were going to be performing some especially meaningful Vivaldi pieces at their upcoming concert, and he expressed to me a desire to capture not only the concert, but also the story of those pieces, that composer, and the relevance to their choir.

While I could share a lot more of the story, I think that’s best left up to them.  So take a look…


Oxford Prep Charter High School

Nothing makes me happier than combining my passions for storytelling and education.  Add in a little bit of rural Eastern North Carolina and now we’re talking.

Oxford Prep Charter High School opened this fall with its founding class of students, who will head off to college in 2017.  The goal and vision are simple: prepare every one of their students to get accepted to the college of their choice.  Beyond that, they also want to make sure they have the skills necessary to be successful and graduate from that college.

This is a mission I can get behind!  Over the next three years they will build a brand new building on their property, add three more classes, and continue to grow their already rigorous college prep curriculum.  You can find more information about the school, the work they’re doing in Oxford, and how to apply (both teachers and students!) on their website.

Now, on to the video!

Dana + Ethan: 11.2.13

Dana & Ethan

Dear Dana & Ethan,

It’s rare that I meet with a couple for the first time at their family’s house.  Or their wedding venue, for that matter.  But I got to do both with you two, and I was sold IMMEDIATELY.  Not only is your land gorgeous, but you painted me such a beautiful picture as to your vision of what it could all look like.  And the wedding day certainly did not disappoint!  Beautiful sunny afternoon, a dramatic sunset, trees blowing and leaves falling.  You couldn’t ask for more.

And while that was certainly fun to shoot, it wasn’t my favorite part of the day… these were:

  • The personal touch your family minister put on the ceremony, and the wedding message for the two of you, was incredible.  I knew it when I was filming, and I was so happy to get to incorporate so much of it in your video.
  • Your first dance!  I’ve heard stories of choreographed first dances, but combine that with an awesome mash-up, and the surprised faces on all your guests… A. MAZING.
  • Your families, and the community they’ve built around them.  My favorite weddings this season have all been due to the incredible people involved.  It’s hard to spend a wedding day with an entire family and NOT feel closer to them, and the openness and welcoming nature of yours made this hands-down one of my favorite celebrations.

I hope everyone takes a minute to check it out for themselves…

Love you both more than your crazy dance moves and your guts to both Dougie and do the snake in your wedding attire (but I really did love that too…),

Janice (and the whole BDLB team!)

And in case you want to see their First Dance in full, here ya go!

Kathryn & Joey: 10.12.13

Kathryn & Joey

Dear Kathryn & Joey,

Have I mentioned yet how much I love that the first time we chatted on the phone you told me about your pups?  And that I love even more that you wanted (and encouraged!) them to be included in your film?

Meeting the both of you over coffee was both Brad & I’s favorite wedding consult we’ve had this year.  Brad and Joey got to talk long-distance running and endurance sports, while you and I got to share pictures of pups and talk about the wedding.  Let’s do it again?

But now on to the video… My favorite parts?

  • That shot from behind as you walk down the aisle and you can see your gorgeous dress, the incredible chapel (which happened to be Joey’s high school alma mater!) and Joey’s face as he watched you.
  • That aisle!  Holy moly that was dramatic, beautiful, and oh so unique.
  • When you both ‘saw’ each other before the wedding!  While you didn’t actually get to see each other’s faces, we did.  And I’m so happy to now share that moment with you!!!

Love you both more than the two cute pups you added to this film (although they’re pretty cute too…),

Janice (and the whole BDLB team!)

Erin & Jay: A NC Mountain Wedding

Jay & Erin 10

Dear Erin & Jay,

Destination weddings are awesome.  Destination weddings that involve the beautiful mountains of North Carolina are the most awesome.  Thanks for giving us all an excuse to pack up and head out of town for the weekend.  (Especially to the most vegan-friendly town in the state.  Heck. Yes.)

My favorite parts of your beautiful wedding escape, you ask?  Let me see if I can name them all in a brief list…

  • Getting to know your amazing families and friends at the rehearsal dinner/ book store after party.
  • The beautiful, open, outdoor setting.  Surrounded by mountains, trees all kinds of colors, and the beautiful isolated silence that came with it all.
  • The long, dramatic walk down the aisle.
  • The officiant!  Loved the unexpected, non-traditional additions to the ceremony.
  • Your FIRST DANCE!  Also unexpected, and also very wonderful.
  • The amazing fire going from start to finish.  Extra warmth, something for the guys to play with, and s’more cooking later in the night.
  • But my all-time favorite moment had to be the inclusion of ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’.  Thank you Jay for your patience with me, my love of this song, and my insistence on singing along (loudly) as it played.  You are wonderful.

Love you both more than the vegan cupcakes you were kind enough to include at your reception (although those were delicious too…),

Janice (and the whole BDLB team!)


Josh + Mo: A Durham Wedding

Josh & Mo 4

Dear Josh & Mo,

There’s nothing greater than getting to capture the wedding of two people you knew before their engagement, during their engagement, and now after their wedding.  And the fact that you chose the Bull City as the place to celebrate?  Reason #103 I love you both.

My favorite parts?

  • Josh’s face when he first saw Mo walking down the aisle!  Have I mentioned this before?  Or made a completely separate video for it?  Because seriously I could not contain myself while watching this in the studio.  Those are the couple of seconds guests often miss, as everyone is turned around to look at the bride.  But boy do they say a lot.  So glad we captured it :)
  • Mo’s adorable smile throughout the night.
  • The dancing!  Excited for Highlight #2 featuring all the brilliant moves.
  • The Durham-centric nature of the wedding.  For a couple who lives in Carrboro, it seems like there might be some Durham in their future… :)
  • The Father-of-the-Bride toast.  You’ll see pieces of it here, but it was pretty memorable in its entirety.

Love you both more than the fact that you sealed the deal with a high-five and a handshake (though that was pretty awesome too…),

Janice (and the whole BDLB team!)

Venue: The Cookery, Durham NC


CarolinaCAN: Prove What’s Possible

Icon Trailer 14

Running two businesses that challenge me in completely different ways is often what makes my days and weeks so exciting.

One requires more creativity, allows me to indulge in my hopeless-romantic side, and introduces me to incredible couples and their families.  The other (which you can see over at Mission 100%) requires more disciplined, critical thought, allows me to indulge in my idealistic side that wants to work to close the achievement gap, and allows me to work with passionate, world-changing students, teachers and school leaders.

When those two worlds collide, I suddenly find myself wondering how I got so lucky.  And that happened in the most serious way this August when I first got an email from Julie Kowal, the Executive Director of CarolinaCAN.  CarolinaCAN is the North Carolina branch of the nationwide education policy advocacy organization 50CAN, and they are both (along with the other state branches) working relentlessly to reform our education system so it’s best serving ALL students nationwide.

This particular video campaign, Prove What’s Possible, is focused on the growth of charter schools in North Carolina following the removal of the charter cap two years ago.  With the possibility of so many charter schools opening in North Carolina in upcoming years, CarolinaCAN is working to spotlight the current charter schools that are best serving ALL kids, dispelling the myth that charters are meant to serve, and serving, only certain students.  Just so happens that three of the four schools chosen are also Mission 100% Partner Schools… #DREAMJOB

So after a whirlwind week of traveling the  state together, filming classrooms, interviewing leaders, teachers, students and parents, it was time to get down to work creating a collection of videos telling their stories.  Similar stories, but unique in their communities and their approach.  I am SO excited to finally see this project launching!  Below you’ll find the videos we’ve created, but I highly encourage you to head to the CarolinaCAN’s Prove What’s Possible page to see the full scope of the project and its impact.

Julie, CarolinaCAN, and the entire 50CAN team- I cannot thank you enough for this opportunity, the friendships built on the road, the many things you all have taught me along the way, and for the feedback and teamwork that made these videos something I’m truly proud of.  Y’all rock.



Lindsay & Ken: 9.14.13

Lindsay & Ken 11

Dear Lindsay & Ken,

From the very first time I spoke to Lindsay on the phone I knew this was going to be a great time… her endearing southern accent had me from the start.

Many thanks for providing me another opportunity to shoot at the most beautiful wedding location in the area (Duke Gardens), and for my first wedding at the Cotton Room- right in my neighborhood!  My favorite parts?

  • THE. DRESS.  Have you seen the video?!  This thing (almost) stole the show, and no one could have worn it better than you.
  • Lindsay’s facial expressions throughout the ceremony, especially when she was looking at Ken.
  • The live music at the cocktail hour, and the way the whole bridal party joined in on kazoos.
  • The ‘Lindsay & Ken’ spotlight on the dance floor.  LOVED filming it!  (As evidenced by the 20 minutes of raw footage we managed to collect including it…)
  • Ken’s dance moves.  And all the groomsmen, really.

Weren’t there to see it all the first time?  Take a look at the video to see what I mean…

Love you two more than the cute (and clever) koozie I took off with,

Janice (and the whole BDLB team!)