And last, but not least, is our third #bdlb intern: Kaity Coyle!

Kaity Coyle

Kaity is brand new to the Durham area, though not unfamiliar with North Carolina.  Originally from Chicago, and a recent graphic design graduate from Robert Morris University, she has been visiting family in the Raleigh area for much of her life.  Durham, however, she has less exposure to so we are more than excited to have her working on all of our Reason # videos, and learning exactly what it is we love so much about this area.  (Have you seen her Reason #… Durham Bulls edit featured over on the Clarion Content last week?  If not, go there now.)

Kaity has been involved in photography most of her life, even learning to develop her own pictures in her grandfather’s dark room in the backyard.  Now she’s venturing over to the world of video, and we couldn’t be more excited to have her here at Big Dog Little Bed.

Fun Fact: Kaity is also an avid lacrosse player and coach, and her college team won the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP her senior year of college.  So we pretty much have celebrities working here now.  #justsaying

P.P.S. Kaity has just decided to adopt a dog of her own.  Have any rescue organizations you’d recommend?  Send ’em our way!


Intern #2: We Don’t Even Care She Thinks She’s a Cat


As promised, today we’re excited to introduce you to Chase Lloyd, our second #bdlbintern!

When Chase first showed up to BDLB headquarters at Mercury Studio, he was wearing a bow tie.  I was immediately impressed by how seriously he took the interview, only to later learn that he bartended nights at a high end restaurant that required him to wear it.  So while I might have been confused about business attire, luckily I was spot on about his hunger to learn and passion for great storytelling.

With no ‘real’ equipment to his name, he has shot numerous creative shorts using his cell phone.  I love that kind of desire.  Especially since reading articles recently focused on our gear obsession, which often gets in the way of creative growth.  Chase knows it isn’t about what you shoot with (though he looks awfully comfortable with that Mark iii over there…), it’s about how you approach a story.

In Chase’s words…

I love watching and talking about sports but not quite as much as I love watching and talking about movies. I think the same respect and dignity assigned to literature should be applied to film and that film can teach us as much if not more about the way the world works as books. I love film most when it serves as an empathy machine, causing people to feel or think things that they may not have otherwise felt or thought.

But let’s be honest.  What really made us select him for the team was the way he talked about his 10 year old Maltese named Daisy.  We don’t even care that she thinks she’s a cat.

Intern Introductions

We’ve mentioned our Summer Interns in blog posts, Facebook updates, and posted photos on Instagram (#bdlbinterns).  Yet we haven’t formally introduced them… until now!  This week we’ll introduce you to all three of the incredible interns spending the summer with us, but first I want to explain a bit more about why we think internships are so important.


Being a self-taught videographer I understand the struggle, the eagerness to tell stories through video without the technical ‘know how’ to pull it off. After five years of watching YouTube tutorial videos, practice, searches, more practice, lots of time spent reading books and blogs, more practice, there is an increase in moments of satisfaction and a decrease in moments of frustration. Though there is still plenty of frustration, I believe it is actually this frustration, pushing up against our limits, that drives us daily to continue learning, practicing, and improving.

I know I am not alone on this trajectory, and there are many others not quite sure even where to get started. This is where our Big Dog Little Bed internships come in. Having spent nine years in education on my personal journey (later side-by-side and hand-in-hand with filmmaking) I can’t help but think about how to educate and about more efficient ways to support brand new filmmakers in telling their stories.

Sufia Doucet

 Sufia Doucet

Sufia was born and raised in Rayne, Louisiana but raised in Asheville, North Carolina.  This unique background has led to a deep love of nature, though it looks very different while visiting the bayous of Lousiana versus the mountains of North Carolina (oh how we love the mountains of North Carolina and anyone who shares that love!).  While studying at UNC Asheville, she focused on International Studies, specifically Human Rights and International Law.

And this is what brings us to why she’s such a perfect fit for Big Dog Little Bed.  During her interview she talked about what drew her to filmmaking, and it was so clear that it came first and foremost from a love of storytelling.  In fact, just recently she made a trip back to Louisiana with borrowed equipment (that she taught herself to use), so she could begin to record the many stories that are part of Cajun culture.  Sometimes we get so caught up in the newest, most impressive gear, and capturing the most breathtaking shots, that we forget that most important is the story we’re trying to share.  With no background in film or video production, Sufia took a chance on that trip with her primary, and only, motivator being the stories that are most important to her and her family.

We are so pumped to have her on board this summer, and can’t wait to see the incredible film we know she’ll make out of all the footage she collected down south :)


Brand Spankin’ New Promo Film

Three years ago we made our first highlight reel, showcasing our favorite moments from the weddings we were lucky enough to capture in 2013.  Last year we attempted to update it, but as many videographers will attest, your own highlight reel always comes secondary to the work you do for others.  We were lucky enough to be so busy we never had time to.  But this year, we put it in writing as one of our goals to update our old highlight reel and invest the same energy in our promo film as we do in the films we make for others.

Plus, we spent time with three of our former couples, getting both their wedding planning advice as well as their perspective on why wedding videography is so important.  You didn’t hear it from us guys.  Take their word from it :)  So excited to finally be able to share this with you!

7 Tiny Offerings


There are incredible people, beautiful places and inspiring events happening all around us.  Here at Big Dog Little Bed we love finding, capturing, and sharing them with the world.  So for our second Summer Intern project (see their first one here) it was important to me that they would get to prep, shoot and edit one that had meaning and importance for them.  Enter Mel Hunt, a good friend and fellow co-worker at Mercury Studio (she was featured recently in the promo video we released for them!).  While she has accomplished many things since I first met her, her most recent is a book of offerings from her own practice called 7 Tiny Offerings.  All written by her, included alongside some of her own photos, the book is BEAUTIFUL.  And purposeful.  And important in helping us each to develop our own practice, our own ways of reflecting, and ultimately finding what makes us most happy.

SO excited to share with you what Chase, Sufia and Kaity collectively created in celebration of Mel & ‘7 Tiny Offerings’.

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Reason #… Durham Bulls

It’s been almost 2 years since the last Reason # video (a series of short videos highlighting the many things we love about Durham), and we are pumped to see its return.  The BDLB Summer Interns began tackling this Reason # as their very first editing project this summer.  A friend and I shot the footage at a Thursday night game (which sadly was stormed out after the 5th inning), and shared the footage with all three interns.  They then took the footage and ran with it, producing three very different versions of ‘Reason #… Durham Bulls’, each with their own take.

We’re excited to share all three, which have also been published over on the Clarion Content today.  Take a second to check it out and vote for your favorite!

Chase Lloyd. A Raleigh native with a passion for story and film. From his favorite David Lynch movie, he says he is, “Wild at heart and weird on top.”

Sufia Doucet.  An avid lover of sunshine and plants, she is on a constant quest to understand the story threads that weave us all together.

Kaity Coyle. A recent college grad and Chicago native with a passion for graphic design and a love for dogs (!!!).

Jordan & Luis: A Summertime Wedding at The Fearrington

Luis owns his own business.  Jordan is a lawyer who fights for social justice.  Needless to say I enjoyed getting to know them over coffee at Parker & Otis, and was pumped to get to share their wedding day with them (and now you!).  A classically beautiful Fearrington wedding (which we’ve come to expect) with personal touches everywhere.  Mexican prayer flags decorating the tables and wall, a mariachi band at the cocktail hour, and a first dance involving a little salsa.  Such a perfect mix of both of their personalities, their backgrounds, and their families.

Shot alongside the always wonderful Krystal Kast Photography, with lots of help from everyone who works hard at The Fearrington to pull off incredible events like these.  Special shout outs to Mary Stevens who is responsible for all the flowers you see, and GrooveTown, one of our favorite wedding bands in the triangle!


Mercury Studio: Community-Minded Coworking

We have been lucky enough to call Mercury Studio home for the past three years.  Almost since the day they opened their doors for the first time.  So to be able to share some of the magic with the outside world was not only a privilege, but also a lot of fun :)

We hope this short promotional film we created for them this summer helps to shed a little light on why we love the community, the people and the space SO. MUCH.