Melissa & Dave: A Downtown Raleigh Wedding

Dear Melissa & Dave,

Never before have I seen a greater surprise from a bride to her groom on their wedding day.  And never before have I seen a group of grown men so excited about their college mascots making a guest appearance.  Our favorite parts?

  • All the beautiful details decorating the reception, most handmade by Melissa!
  • Mr. and Ms. Wuf’s guest appearance.  Especially Dave’s reaction.
  • Not one, but TWO beautiful dresses!

For the rest you’ll have to check out the video…

Kristin & Jeff: A Downtown Raleigh Wedding

Highlights 2

Dear Kristin & Jeff,

The moment I learned you were having a live bluegrass band at the reception, I knew we were going to have a blast at this wedding.  Our favorite parts?

  • That it was officiated by not one, but TWO of Jeff’s siblings.  And that they’re both priests who traveled in from Europe.  Incredible.
  • The gelato you had to go with the cake!  The first time at a wedding I’ve almost abandoned my veganism so I could sneak some of the dessert…
  • Your entertaining family.  Both sibling toasts make me laugh every. time. I watched them while editing.  Plus the little surprises I’d stumble upon when watching all the raw footage… you know what I’m talking about :)
  • The incredible Raleigh sunset we were able to capture!

Love you both more than the live music, the perfect venue, and getting to spend this wonderful day with you,

Janice (and the whole BDLB team!)

Holly + Magnus: A Duke Gardens Wedding

Holly & Magnus 6

Dear Holly & Magnus,

We’ve filmed weddings at Duke Gardens before, but never both the ceremony and the reception.  But boy did you two do it right.  From the beautiful pictures in the gardens, to a ceremony next to a fish pond, to a gorgeous reception right behind it.  All of that followed by one of the most entertaining dance parties we’ve ever been a part of.  (And I say a part of because it was hard to resist not jumping on the dance floor for at least a second… I blame Brad.)

Your families and friends were so wonderfully vibrant, full of life, and awesome to capture.  I’ve never ended a day with so many pictures of children.  Beautifully hilarious pictures of children.  Our favorite parts?

  • Amelie.  Not only did she love being in front of the camera, but she even teamed up with Brad during the toasts to help shoot.  She asked lots of questions, was eager to learn, and I think she might have a future in video production…

Holly & Magnus 4

  • The different pictures you had decorating every table.  Some were funny, some were adorable, and they all shared more of the relationship that led up to the wedding.  Loved them :)
  • Those cakes!  We’ve never seen a display like that before, and it was beautifully unique.
  • The band.  We love a good live band, but these guys were great.  Even better that they invited some guests to come up and sing with them!

Take a look!

With so much appreciation for inviting us to be part of such a wonderful celebration,

Janice (and the whole BDLB team!)

Christine & Laz: A Duke Chapel Wedding

Christine & Laz 6

Dear Christine & Laz,

You know when you’re recommended by one of your favorite couples it’s bound to be a good thing.  I was certain of it after we had coffee at Beyu last year and you two were so open in sharing your entire story with me.

The day we officially booked your wedding went into my calendar as ‘Christine & Laz!!!’.  I didn’t even realize I had added three exclamation points until a couple months later.  Shows you how excited I was :)  I’m so glad to finally share this video with the world.

Our favorite parts?

  •  Your incredible vows that narrate the video.  Written in the form of letters to one another.  Beautiful.
  • Duke Chapel.  We’ve been dying to shoot a wedding here, and you gave us our first chance (and we’re excited to shoot one more in September!)  It was every bit as wonderful as we hoped it might be.
  • The reception!  First time we’ve ever shot on a roof in the middle of our favorite city.  Win and win.
  • YOUR. DRESS.  I can’t resist a great big dramatic dress.  So fun to shoot, and you rocked it.

We hope y’all enjoy this video as much as we do :)

Love you both more than the giant bowl of tofu they made me at The Pit and Christine’s laugh (combined),

The whole BDLB team

Liz + Sar: A Fearrington Wedding

Liz & Sar 16

Dear Liz & Sar,

The Fearrington has long been one of our favorite places to shoot weddings, and yours took it to the next level.  Because it wasn’t just about the beautiful scenery, the gorgeous decorating, or the incredible food (OH. MAN. does the Fearrington make some good food)- it was about the two of you, your families, and all the people you had surrounding you.

Brad and I couldn’t stop talking throughout the day about all the great footage we were getting, and couldn’t resist looking at some of it as soon as we left.  I’m pretty sure you can now see why…

Our favorite parts?

  • The ketubah signing.  It wasn’t just that the ketubah itself was beautiful (it was), but the words spoken there and the happiness expressed there were pretty special.
  • Your vows.  I love when couples write their own vows.  We’ve seen a lot of that so far this season, and yours were some of our favorites.
  • Your first dance!  We leaked this video about a month ago, but we’re still loving it :)

Love you both more than your dance moves spotted during the reception and the fact that you included Canadian fudge as a dessert option,

Janice (and the whole BDLB team!)


KIPP Durham Cocktail Fundraiser

It’s hard to believe I haven’t blogged about this yet, considering it’s a video highlighting one of my favorite places, and some of my favorite people, in the world.  Y’all have heard me talk about KIPP, and specifically KIPP Gaston, before.  In fact, I taught on the peanut field turned high performing school for three years before moving to Durham, and find myself missing it on a regular basis.  So when asked to put together a video telling their story for an upcoming fundraising event, I was all in.

The great news?  KIPP is expanding outside of Gaston to both Halifax county (next year), and Durham (!!!!) in 2015.  Yup, we’re excited here at Big Dog Little Bed headquarters (conveniently located in the heart of the Bull City).  Take a look at why…

And don’t hesitate to spread the word to family and friends who 1) might be interested in supporting them, or 2) those who have kids entering 5th grade in 2015.

Women’s Voices Chorus: Chapel Hill Videographer

I am so excited to finally be sharing this project :)

It first began last winter, when I met the Director of the incredible Women’s Voices Chorus in Chapel Hill.  They were going to be performing some especially meaningful Vivaldi pieces at their upcoming concert, and he expressed to me a desire to capture not only the concert, but also the story of those pieces, that composer, and the relevance to their choir.

While I could share a lot more of the story, I think that’s best left up to them.  So take a look…


Oxford Prep Charter High School

Nothing makes me happier than combining my passions for storytelling and education.  Add in a little bit of rural Eastern North Carolina and now we’re talking.

Oxford Prep Charter High School opened this fall with its founding class of students, who will head off to college in 2017.  The goal and vision are simple: prepare every one of their students to get accepted to the college of their choice.  Beyond that, they also want to make sure they have the skills necessary to be successful and graduate from that college.

This is a mission I can get behind!  Over the next three years they will build a brand new building on their property, add three more classes, and continue to grow their already rigorous college prep curriculum.  You can find more information about the school, the work they’re doing in Oxford, and how to apply (both teachers and students!) on their website.

Now, on to the video!