Container Garden Recipes!

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This spring we got to work with the lovely folks over at the Fairview Garden Center in Raleigh, and loved creating their new promo film (which we blogged about here).  But in addition to shooting interviews with the family and capturing their pretty awesome family story, we also shot a bunch of short how-to videos for […]

ECU Graduation: Paris

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Last week I blogged some graduation photos of several of my former students.  This week I get to share another graduation session with an incredible woman I’ve known since I taught her in 7th grade (and then again in 8th grade and 11th grade).  In fact, she was the star of the last episode of […]

Jessica & Brian: A Brier Creek Wedding

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From the first time Jess, Brian & I sat down to breakfast at Foster’s I could tell how much personality was packed into this duo.  It was incredible getting to see all of that, and more, both leading up to their wedding and on their actual wedding day.  We can only hope we were able […]

UNC Graduation, Kim & Antonio

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First of all, I want to start this post by sending a lot of love to all those photographers out there who regularly do graduation photos for local colleges and universities here in North Carolina.  Because holy cow did I have no idea what I was getting into when I offered to take graduation photos […]

The Ridge, Asheville Wedding Venue

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Wedding season is in full swing over here at Big Dog Little Bed, and this past weekend we had a Durham wedding AND an Asheville wedding. The wedding in Asheville was actually at a brand spankin’ new mountain venue (The Ridge, which is affiliated with the downtown Asheville venue called ‘The Venue‘), with some of […]

KIPP Eastern North Carolina

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We are so excited, and proud, to finally share our most recent film with you. It premiered on Friday evening at the KIPP ENC 15th Anniversary Gala, and features a school I used to work at, and students and teachers I used to work with. I can’t put into words the kind of life-changing work they’re doing […]

Fairview Garden Center

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Two years ago we started doing work with the incredible Longwood Gardens up north in Pennsylvania, returning this past summer to create a video all about pursuing a career in horticulture.  I knew very little about horticulture (or even that it was called horticulture) until we started that work, and after our last project I […]

Emily & Blaine: A Christmasy Pittsboro Wedding

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I love Christmas.  And Pittsboro.  So the combination of the two was just as perfect as we imagined the first day we sat down with Emily at Whole Foods.  She then went on to tell us about how her relationship with Blaine began, which involved a lot of writing (you know, old fashioned love letters) […]