How Love Stories Can Change the World

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We’ve heard from so many couples over the past four years who watch wedding films and find themselves wishing they had their wedding captured. They’ll often ask how they could capture their relationship, and family, now, anywhere from 1-30 years after their actual wedding.  This is where the idea of our Love Story Films was born, […]

Rachel Campbell Painting

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These days we buy so many things online, that it’s not too often we get to meet shop owners, or those who create the work we’re buying.  I think this can be especially true with art, especially with the growth of shops like Etsy.  Yet with art, I find it’s especially interesting to get in […]


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There’s a lot of talk about New Year’s Resolutions, and recently in the blogging/photography world I’ve heard a LOT about the concept of having a ‘word of the year’.  And originally I decided to jump on board for simplicity sake (one word has to be easier than a whole resolution with goals and accountability, right?).  Perhaps I […]

Music Videos?!?

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The past couple of days I peaced out of Durham to join some of my favorite co-workers/creatives for a retreat near the beach.  This retreat deserves an entire post of its own, which it will get.  Don’t worry. All you need to know right now is that while there a friend, and INCREDIBLE songwriter/singer, and […]

5 Tips for Helping Your Family Capture Life’s Most Important Moments

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Ever since I was 3 months old, I’ve been spending my summers in Maine.  You see, my Grandfather grew up in Bangor, Maine (right down the street from Stephen King!), and his family owned a small cabin right outside Dover Foxcroft, Maine on Sebec Lake. That cabin our family affectionately calls ‘Camp’, and collectively we’ve […]

Meet KIPP Durham

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There’s a new school in town, and we’ve gotta admit we’re a fan.  Though we’ll also admit, we’re kinda partial.  You see back when I was a teacher, I started my teaching career at KIPP Gaston College Prep, about two hours east in rural Northampton County.  KIPP GCP is part of a national network of charter […]

Blair & Quinn

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Blair & Quinn were almost the official end to our 2015 season (until a last-minute Christmas time wedding we are SO excited about!), and the weather, the fall colors and these guys made it such a perfect finish.  We loved the small beautiful details that surrounded this day, from a pre-ceremony prayer with their full […]

6 Stages of the Creative Process

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Giving up a 9-5 job and transitioning to a creative career, where you are your only boss, can be both the best decision ever and the hardest decision ever.  There are so many days full of gratitude, excitement, and artistic inspiration.  Then there are all the other days.  Those who are not creatives sometimes find […]