I feel like I remember so much about my childhood.

This is mostly because my parents literally filmed the entire thing. Maybe you can relate to the stacks and stacks of VHS tapes? I remember the camera rolling then, and now – it’s fresh on my mind as I watched one again recently. When I experience these home movies again and again – watching by myself, or with friends, or sharing online – I’m always reminded: there’s nothing like video to connect us to one another.

Home movies are the perfect example of how video keep us connected to the past, to the present, to the future and how it helps us create new memories, relationships, and the moments that make up our lives.

In high school, I edited tapes using stop and start on the VHS player and I loved it – mostly because it meant I was able to capture all the fun we were having, but also knowing that I’d be able to look back on it in the future.

So though I’m not hitting stop and start on a VHS player to edit video these days, I’m still watching those home movies. I am looking for and seeing moments that make me laugh, cry, and make me feel connected to something larger than myself.

Whether it’s capturing your wedding day or the story of a beloved family member, or it’s making a business video that’s more than just marketing – connections always are on my mind. And as a team, that’s we’re all about at Big Dog Little Bed.


JANICE – Owner, Storyteller, Chief Dog Lover

janice about page

I have a pretty serious infatuation with the Bull City. Some might call it love. I go over on my data usage every. single. month. I’m pretty sure it’s the fact that I spend most of my free time sharing pictures of my two pups (the Big Dog and the Little Dog) through hundreds of Instagrams and texts. The mountains of North Carolina make my heart smile, and I dream of one day running away there. I’m on a one-woman mission to show the world that veganism is neither limiting, boring or flavorless. That said, I was a meat & cheese lover for most of my life, and still miss quesedillas and nachos. I feel incredibly grateful to have found a career that still feels a lot like a hobby. (And I get to play with drones during business hours?! #heckyeah)



BRAD – Storyteller, Cinematographer 

brad about pageBrad is one of our oldest and favorite second shooters, coming from Brad Habeeb Photography.  While his background is first and foremost as a photographer, chances are the shots from any BDLB film that take your breath away are his.  In his spare time he rides his bike for hundreds of miles at a time (or atleast 24 hours at a time), competes in Ironman competitions, or can be found taking people on pedicab roller coaster rides.  Never tried it?  Perhaps you should head to Raleigh on a Saturday night and look for the red-headed driver.


MICHELLE – Storyteller, Cinematographer

michelle about pageMichelle has been shooting with BDLB for the last three years, with serious storytelling skills to capture the details and moments that make our videos great. She loves using her camera as an excuse to meet interesting people and learn their stories. The details of her hands tell their own story, of a rock climbing farmer who picks up a fiddle and a banjo from time to time. If you’re having trouble getting in touch with her, chances are she’s off in the woods or up a mountain somewhere, climbing around on rocks or swinging in her hammock.


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