A Trip Down Memory Lane (Part 3): Just for Fun

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While now Big Dog Little Bed is a big, bad, serious company (said in our most serious, businessy voices), we didn’t start out that way…  And even now we still have just as much fun playing around with our cameras and taking some time to tell our own stories 🙂

So today, on a Friday where everyone is looking for a little distraction from real work, we’ve decided to share some of them with y’all!

Yup, this post is all about getting real.  The good, the bad, and the ugly- we’re sharing it all here today in celebration of our Second Anniversary.  Laughing allowed, as we’re definitely laughing a little bit over here on our end.  So get ready to take an inside look at the personal world behind the scenes of Big Dog Little Bed Productions…

The Magical History Tour:  I still can’t believe I’m sharing this (channeling my inner bravery…) but it is where it all started.  The first time I ever thought to use a camera to tell a story was during my third year of teaching at KIPP: Gaston College Preparatory.  I was teaching US History/AP US History, and desperately wanted to take my students to the many historical locations around the area.  But funding for that many field trips was just not feasible.  So instead I decided to create a series of videos called the “Magical History Tour”.  Students earned them on Fridays, where together we visited those places through the videos.  Please keep in mind while watching I took this with a point and shoot digital camera (take a moment to envision me walking down the streets of Raleigh and Gettysburg holding out a camera as I filmed myself), and it was the first time I ever attempted editing… I still kinda like them 🙂

Favorite part?  Has got to be the Civil War era outfit (hoop skirt and all) I sported in Episode 3: Gettysburg.  It might not be worth sitting through the whole episode, but I bet you can find it somewhere in there… I also loved the start of Episode 2 where we grilled the Park Rangers at the Lincoln Memorial about some stories we’d heard about the Lincoln Memorial.

Ballin’ for JBLater that year, the Pride of 2012 (the students I taught for 3 years), lost a member of the Pride unexpectedly.  The Women’s Empowerment group I worked with decided to put on a basketball tournament in celebration and memory of Javaris, raising money to help support his family.  This video goes down in history as one of my favorites, as I think it shows the true spirit of this incredible group of students.  My favorite part?  All of it.  But especially the first 30 seconds.

Okay, who are we kidding.  It really happens at 2:01.  And anyone who’s seen the video knows exactly what I’m talking about…


Floyd FestFloyd Fest is an incredible music festival held every summer in the mountains of Western VA.  It stole my heart three years ago, and have loved it every year since.  This video was made from Year 1 (although I’m dying to make a better follow up video from footage I’ve gathered the past two years), but definitely gives you a glimpse as to what makes it so special up there…

Maggie 73

Maggie 38

My Day JobMy time, energy and heart is split between two worlds.  That of filming and sharing beautiful weddings, and that of education.  This one shows the beauty of the second one… My favorite part?  So. Many. Smiles.


Mexican VacationCelebrating my twin sister’s wedding at a resort in Mexico was pretty awesome.  Here’s a video showing all the non-wedding parts 🙂  My favorite part are the appearances by the bunny… a challenge posed to all guests was to incorporate their little stuffed bunny (the wedding was over Easter weekend) in as many pictures as possible.  I decided to go for video instead…


Pin Durham: Mercury Studio hosted a cool art challenge last winter, asking local artists to put a blindfold on, spin around 10 times, and then stick a pin in a map of Durham.  Whatever location you pin is the location you have to represent in whatever form of art you prefer.  I just so happened to pin the exact location I was standing in when I pinned the map, which meant I got to make a video showing off Mercury Studio! I like Murph’s appearance at the very beginning…

Christmas Break 2012What’s a two-week vacation from your day job without a little video to capture all the fun?  My favorite part is how many dogs we were able to squeeze into one video…

Smith Family Christmas:  And this is how the Smith Family celebrates Christmas 🙂 My favorite part is my Grandpa’s giant laugh about halfway through.  It’s so hard to catch the genuine mannerisms, expressions and moments of people, but it’s SO valuable to have them for years to come.  So grateful for this Christmas video.


A Weekend in North CarolinaWasn’t it Malcolm Gladwell who says 10,000 hours of practice is what makes you an expert?  This video is a result of some extra hours of practice.  Nothing beats trying to capture the ordinary, and this is what an average weekend looks like for me in the Bull City 🙂  My favorite part is capturing a hike up Hanging Rock at the end.


1007’s TransformationA huge part of my personal life over the past year was buying, gutting and renovating a 113 year-old house in a historic neighborhood of Durham.  The progress is harder to see along the way, but boy can you see it in a video made at the end.  I love that Dakota was captured in the house before we lost him in February.  Has to be my favorite part.



July Mountain TripMonths before the end of renovations I planned an escape to the mountains to rest for a week after it was all ‘done’.  (I’ve since learned that once you own a house the work is never done.)  I talked some family and friends into joining me 🙂  While I’ve spent countless weekends enjoying the mountains of North Carolina, this was the first time I was ever able to make a short video capturing the things I love most about it.  Only thing missing is a view from the top of Grandfather Mountain… #alwaysnexttime

Reason #…:  Some have called us unofficial ambassadors for the city, so we decided to take this role a bit more seriously...so this summer brought a fun new challenge to Big Dog Little Bed when we decided to start capturing the many things we love about Durham in a series of short videos.  Just for fun 🙂  My favorite moments include the very end of the Third Friday video, and getting to see the inner-workings of Organic Transit, right around the corner from our studio.  Can’t wait to continue building on the collection!

Organic Transit

Well, that’s all for now folks.  It was fun taking a look back at all the videos the last two years, celebrating our couples, and sharing some of the more personal videos today.  Here’s to another year full of beautiful weddings, great Durham people, and lots more stories 🙂


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