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While Big Dog Little Bed started off telling love stories, over the past two years we’ve been privileged to tell the stories of some others along the way.  As a huge fan of North Carolina, and especially Durham, it’s been fun to share a little bit of the amazing things happening here with the outside world.  Take a quick peak at who we’ve been lucky enough to work with…

BDLB Companies (2013)

Tripp:  One of Big Dog Little Bed’s  very first giveaways resulted in a free video.  The winner that time around was Tripp, one of my favorite local bands, discovered about 5 years ago on a random bar crawl.  They remain a favorite, and I’m now happy to call Alex (their lead singer) a good friend.  My favorite part of the video?  Moose, the awesome dog  you see at the end.  Plus Alex’s music is pretty good too…

ShearFun Hair SalonLucy has been cutting my hair since I was literally 4 years old.  So when she opened her own salon in Wake Forest, I was pretty pumped.  My favorite part of her first promo video?  The song!  While I like all the music I find for videos, I think this may have been one of our best matches of all time.

Jill Samter Photography, ‘I Am Beautiful’ ProjectThis project was one of the first promotional films I ever did, and was for a cool project with a photographer out of VA.  Her goal was to bring women in for a day and help them find their true beauty through a photography session.  Even more powerful when she talks about her vision of doing this for cancer survivors.  My favorite part of this shoot was having my mom involved, and seeing the amazing pictures taken of her 🙂

Dixie Rock (and the Chapel Hill Community Center):  The Chapel Hill Community Center has been a big part of my rock climbing life here in the Triangle, and some of my very first friendships in this area were formed there.  So getting to document their yearly climbing competition (the oldest on the East Coast!) was a privilege.  My favorite part comes at about 2:55…

Maureen Joy Charter School:  Big Dog Little Bed has done many projects with this incredible team of teachers and students over in Durham, it’s hard to pick a favorite.  Okay, I lied.  Nothing is more powerful than when it comes from the mouths of students, so this one is DEFINITELY my favorite one 🙂 The incredible ‘Yes We Can’ video by the students at Joy.

KIPP Pride HighFavorite part of the 2012 Commencement video we did KIPP Pride High up in Gaston (the school I used to teach at) has to be the interviews with the students. Nobody can speak to the identify of a graduating class more than its members, and I love what it added to what would have otherwise been a slideshow.

Mercury Studio: Over a year ago I discovered this hip, community engaged co-working space in downtown Durham.  It has revolutionized my idea of what self-employment looks like, and has connected me with some incredible people.  Ryan, of Tyler’s Taproom and the Durham Resurrection Community, Katie & Megan (the founders), Jessica Lobdell of Jessica Lobdell Photography, Aaron Mandel of the Clarion Content, Mel Hunt and her personal yoga practice, and many, many more.  My favorite part of this one comes at about :16…  One of my reasons I love working there.

Project 2031: Austine Rawlins of Project 2031 is another powerful woman I’ve met through Mercury Studio, and helping her to capture stories of women in ministry was a new and exciting project for Big Dog Little Bed.  One of our first interview series, it challenged me in thinking about how you take an hour long interview and break it up into a series of shorter videos that are logically ordered and best tell the story.  I loved every minute of it.  My favorite part of the first series was meeting Maggie… (see next stop on the trip down memory lane!)

Bull City VineyardI still sometimes get goosebumps when I watch this one.  I met Maggie Mraz, the Pastor at Bull City Vineyard when shooting the first interview for Project 2031, and was immediately in awe of her faith, and her ability to articulately express it.  So not only did I enjoy this shoot, but I LOVED editing it all together.  My favorite part of the video is Maggie’s introduction at the very beginning.  She is incredible at telling their story!

ShearFun Hair Salon: Part 2!  We had so much fun at ShearFun the first time around, we came back for a second video!  I like to think the first one brought in so much business they had to expand not long after, adding room for manicures and pedicures.  🙂

Jubilee’s Table: This promo video was less about a specific church, but a new service being added to an already existing church out in Mt. Olive.  Not yet released, I’ll be excited to share in upcoming weeks 🙂

CarolinaCAN: If there was ever a dream job, this one was it.  Helping to tell the stories of four of the highest-performing charter schools in North Carolina… all in the spirit of spreading the word and educating others on the powerful impact they’re having on students and their communities.  Wondering why there’s no link?  This one has yet to be released… so stay tune in coming weeks for each of the series!

That’s all for today folks!  We’ll be ending the week of celebrating tomorrow, with some just-for-fun (and maybe a couple slightly embarrassing) videos from the more personal side of Big Dog Little Bed 🙂  Stay tuned!




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